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Portrait painting techniques with Max Baccanello

Meet Maximillion Baccanello – UK Pastel Society Winner

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26th April 2018In Unison News

Meet Maximillion Baccanello, recent Young Artist Award winner at The Pastel Society exhibition held at The Mall Galleries in February. We contacted Max to find out a little bit more about this very exciting & talented artist.


Maximillion Baccanello finished studying at Charles Cecil in 2010, where tuition was focused on academic portraiture in the lineage of traditional representational art and the sight size technique.  Before then he attended Chelsea collage of fine art at the university of London. He now resides in his studio in Barons court where his work focuses on multiple figurative pieces and portrait commissions. He is currently working towards a solo exhibition at the end of the year at the box galleries on the Kings road, London.

Artist statement

I aim to capture the mechanisms of human cultures within political economic classes and to define the differences between human nature and the constructs in society of the inner person.

I’m inspired by social constructs that govern our behaviour and the environment that has been built around us.  I’m inspired to capture the feelings of individuality of people within their social environments.

The old masters but also modern artists largely inspire my paintings. There is not one artist in particular that inspires me but hundreds. I take inspiration from so many different artists and the different theories I have read, such as that of colour theory and the harmonisation of colour within a work to create emotion.

I like imagining myself as a viewer of my paintings, not the artist, in doing this, an artist can plan the painting like a path for the viewers eyes.

The winning piece of art was titled Ornithomancy, we asked Max what was the inspiration behind this magnificent painting.



This Pastel drawing was created to depict the ‘Ornithomancy’ which was a religion practice used by both the Greeks and Romans. It is the practice of studying birds in flight to read messages from the goods. Ornithomancy in some form has been found globally among a wide variety of pre-industrial peoples and is mentioned several times in the bible.

In the work I have depicted a female sooth sawyer studying a bird in flight. She is in a state of despair to suggest the reading of an message from the gods. The parrot is in colour where as the rest of the drawing is in black and white, this is because the Parrot is a divine messenger of the Gods.